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How to Install Rspec-Puppet on Puppet Enterprise

If you’re getting into rspec testing for your manifests you might already know this: Puppet Enterprise has it’s own gem environment. This is a quick post on how to install rspec-puppet to your PE gem environment.

If you’re new to rspec-puppet check out this great site for a brief on installing (except if you’re on PE, then follow the install below). also has a great tutorial to get your up and running.

Installing rspec-puppet on Puppet Enterprise

If you’ve already installed rspec-puppet via system gem you will get this error on rspec-puppet-init:

[root@master users]# rspec-puppet-init 
/usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in `gem_original_require': no such file to load -- puppet (LoadError)

If you’ve already installed rspec-puppet vis system gem:

$ /usr/bin/gem uninstall rspec-puppet

Once system rspec-puppet is removed:

$ /opt/puppet/bin/gem install rspec-puppet

Then to init a new puppet rspec enviro in your $moduledir:

$ /opt/puppet/bin/rspec-puppet-init

This should build:

+ spec/
+ spec/classes/
+ spec/defines/
+ spec/functions/
+ spec/hosts/
+ spec/fixtures/
+ spec/fixtures/manifests/
+ spec/fixtures/modules/
+ spec/fixtures/modules/users/
+ spec/fixtures/manifests/site.pp
+ spec/fixtures/modules/users/manifests
+ spec/fixtures/modules/users/lib
+ spec/spec_helper.rb
+ Rakefile

Installing PE-Specific Gems using PE-Gem Provider

puppetlabs/pe_gem has the provider for pe_gem so you can simply:

package { 'json':
  ensure   => present,
    provider => pe_gem,

That’s it!